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Lakeside Wedding Photography and Video

Lakeside Weddings and Events wants to provide you with the highest level of wedding photography coverage and detail on your wedding day! You and your dear ones will be able to relive those moments with joyful memories, every detail captured, moments that you thought might have slipped away unrecorded, that you might not have been present for: Your beloved getting ready, the family’s expressions during the ceremony, the children, all the details that make your day so special. Your photography should be special too.

From the tears of joy rolling down a loved one’s cheek to the sparkle in the bride’s eye, our professional photographers are always searching to capture every moment that reflects the beauty of your wedding day.

The level of experience and photographic and video tools at our disposal is unmatched by any other Las Vegas wedding photographer. From the formal wedding portraits to the fun and popular candid images, our photographer's creativity and professionalism are driven by the desire to document the most important day of your life in an illustrative and artistic way.

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